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                     The admission Schedule in Kendriya  Vidyalayas for 2011-12 will be as under:



The following priorities shall be followed in granting admissions:-         

(I)          Kendriya Vidyalayas under Civil/Defence Sector :

1. Children of transferable and non-transferable central government employees including ex- servicemen.

2.     Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of  Autonomous Bodies/Public Sector Undertaking/Institute of Higher Learning of the Government of India.

3.    Children of transferable and non-transferable State Government employees.

4.    Children of transferable and non-transferable employees of Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings/Institute of Higher Learning of the State Governments.

5.    Children from any other category.  

) There will be no distinct dates for sale of forms and registration of children. Both these activities shall proceed together. The admission schedule for the year 2011-12 will be as under :-




                               A. FIRST ROUND OF ADMISSION

Advertisement for admission by Regional offices

Second week of Feb. 2011

Sale of Forms & Registration(except class XI)*

 15 Feb. 2011 onwards

Last date of Registration for class I and other classes


(except class XI)

20-03-2011(2 PM TO 5 PM)



Admission test for class IX

07-04-2011 to 09-04-2011

Declaration of list & admission for class I

25-03-2011 TO 31-03-2011

Declaration of list class II onwards


Admission class II onwards

21-04-2011 to 23-04-2011

Registration for class XI*

Within 20 days after declaration of Board results

Display of list & Admission for class XI

Within 27 days after declaration of Board results

Last date of Admission


Admission accorded by Commissioner, KVS for the wards of Central Govt./Central PSU employees who are actually coming on transfer after 30` September



up to 30th November subject to availability of


Up to 30-11-2011




Notification for vacancy at Regional & KV Level for Class II onwards




25-06-2011 to 30-06-2011

Admission test (Class IX only)

01-07-2011 to 04-07-2011

Display of admission test & list



08-07-2011 to 11-07-2011

* Subject to availability of vacancy in a particular class. This includes class X and XII as well

            Registration shall not be done if there is no vacancy or likelihood of any vacancy in a particular class. In case a vacancy arises in future, registration can be made after giving wide publicity at local level and admission can be granted as per KVS Admission Guidelines.


Note :


      (I)      Mere registration will not confer a right to admission.     

     (II)     Incomplete application forms shall normally be rejected. In case vacancies remain, the Principal may allow completion of the form later at his discretion.


iii)        Admission secured on the basis of any wrong certificate shall be cancelled by the Principal forthwith and no appeal against such action of the Principal shall be entertained.

   (iv)    When a child is registered for admission in class I in a Kendriya Vidyalaya but, before the declaration of the result, his parent is transferred to another station, the child should be  deemed to have been registered for admission in the Kendriya Vidyalaya at the station of posting even if the last date of registration at that place has expired.  The registration form in original be transferred to the Kendriya Vidyalaya of new place of posting and a photo copy of the same be retained in the school where the child was initially registered.

admission test    

Class II to VIII : No admission test shall be conducted for admission to
class II to VIII. 

CLASS  IX - For admission to this class, an admission test shall be conducted and a merit list prepared for each category of priority separately. Admission shall be granted in order of merit going by the sequence of the categories

Admission test shall be conducted in the following subjects :

Hindi, English, Math, Social Studies and Science.


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